Post English 1 & Pre-English 2 Reflection Chart

Greek Mythology Unit Cover Page

Greek mythology notes handout

Zeus and his family...research activity

Constellation Myth/Project

Constellation myth/project Pre-Writing Chart

Who is your hero?

Significance Quiz for "Odysseus and the Cyclops"

Significance Quiz for "Odysseus and Circe"

Comprehension Quiz/Study Guide for "Odysseus and the Ghosts"

Study Guide for The Odyssey Final Test

Mythology Unit: Portfolio #1 Checklist

NOTE - ALL handouts and work listed below MUST be placed in your binder in the FOLLOWING ORDER:

1. Course Syllabus Packet
2. Post-English 1 & Pre-English II Goal Setting (umbrella on cover page)
3. Wiki Scavenger Hunt (handout)
4. Proper Paragraph Structure (pink handout)
5. Proper Paragraph Graphic Organizer (5 boxes)
6. Double-Entry Journal Notes...DIRECTIONS (handout)
6. Practice I - Critical Reading w/ multiple choice questions & answers
7. Practice 2 - Critical Reading w/ multiple choice questions & answers
8. Vocabulary lists of words for Book G (yellow/orange packet)
9. All Vocab. work: pictures, sentences/paragraphs, pretests/ order by lesson # 7 -

10. Unit I Cover Page: Greek Mythology (yellow page)
10. "The Possibility of Evil" short story demonstrating active-reading strategies
11. CAPT responses 1 & 3 (graded...should be attached)
12. "Greek Mythology": notes and study guide (white handout)
13. "The Creation of the World" myth (handout)
14. Zeus's Family Tree & The Creation of the World (white handout/chart)
15. Chart of The Greek Gods (gray handout)
16. 5 important notes about your chosen god or goddess (research)
17. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor (Great Bear and Little Bear) constellation myth
18. Different constellations (dark copy handout)
19. Constellation Myth Assignment sheet
20. Constellation Myth Pre-Writing Chart w/ boxes
21. Constellation Myth Final Draft with Rubric and Reflection (blue rubric)
22. Class Notes on Trojan War
23. Three-question QUIZ on the background info. / notes on Trojan War (graded)
24. Ancient Greek Culture notes (What has the movie Troy taught you about ancient Greek Culture?)
25. Hero Reflection assignment sheet
26. Hero Reflection (graded with reflection)
27. Map of Greece and Troy (white handout)
28. "The Odyssey" Chapter 1 PACKET - (Odysseus' ship on cover page)
29. Chapter 1 - "Odysseus lands in Phaeacia" demonstrating active-reading skills (white packet)
30. Significance Word Quiz for Chapter 1
31. Chapter 2 = "Odysseus and the Cyclops" demonstrating active-reading skills (white packet)
32. Double-entry journal notes for Chapter 2
33. Significance Word Quiz for Chapter 2
34. Chapter 3 - "Odysseus and the Ghosts" demonstrating active-reading skills (white packet)
35. Double-Entry journal notes for Chapter 3
36. Significance Word Quiz for Chapter 3
37. Chapter 4 - "The Folly of Odysseus' Men" demonstrating active-reading skills (white packet)
38. Double-Entry journal notes for Chapter 4
39. Significance Word Quiz for Chapter 4
40. "How to Identify a Hero" (handout w/ class notes)
41. "The Hero's Journey Model" (white handout)
42. Is Odysseus a Hero? - Hero Reflection assignment sheet (1/2 page)
43. Odysseus Hero Reflection w/ graded rubric
44. Chapter 5 - "Odysseus Returns to Ithaca" demonstrating active-reading skills (white packet)
45. Comprehension Quiz for Chapter 5 - five questions copied from white board (slip of paper)
46. The Odyssey Final Test: Parts I, II, III (Matching, Word Significance, Multiple Choice)
47. The Odyssey Final Essay: Graphic Organizers for Introduction and Body Paragraphs)
48. The Odyssey Final Essay w/ graded rubrics

Start Works: Practice Sentences 1 through