Julian Carradero
Miss DelGrego
English C
Marcus Brutus is the most important character in the story. Without him nothing can happen. He has many mixed emotions about Julius Caesar. He doesn’t hate Caesar and see’s him as a good person. On the other side he doesn’t want to see Caesar turn the government into a monarchy. In the end his allegiance will always be with the republic.
One quote to support my point is “I wouldn’t, Cassius”(Durband, 33). In this quote Cassius asks Marcus if he would like to see Julius Caesar as his king. Marcus says no and that he doesn’t think Caesar is capable of ruling a Kingdom. In that same quote Marcus says, “Yet I am very fond of him”(Durband, 33). This shows that he also likes Caesar to a degree. He can see him as a friend but fears that the power could get to his head and kerupt him. The main reason Marcus isn’t mad at Caesar is because he pardoned him. Marcus fought against Caesar with Pompey so some loyalty may still lie there. So it leaves a big possibility for him to be persuaded by Cassius or Casca to betray Julius Caesar.